Executive coaching is a powerful, focused experience that takes leaders to a new level of leadership effectiveness while deepening their understanding of themselves and their impact. In one-on-one coaching, leaders have an opportunity to reflect on their leadership and identify actions they can take to be more effective. They are challenged to think at all times about whether the leadership they are providing is consistent with their values and what the organization needs from them. This hones their ability to create work environments in which those around them can excel.

Leaders who experience our coaching tell us that in addition to taking their leadership to a new level, (as judged by those who work with them), they learn:

• How critical self-awareness is to their ongoing leadership development
• Which qualities create leadership effectiveness and business results
• What may be holding them back from higher levels of effectiveness
• How important it is to engage the system around them and be a model for leadership development in their organization

Through the intimate, confidential relationship of coaching, leaders have an opportunity to try new behaviours, receive honest feedback, explore new perspectives, and be held accountable to achieve their leadership goals.

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