Leadership Coaching

One-on-One Leadership Coaching
Providing a safe place for leaders to learn and experiment, deepen self-awareness, and close the gap that often exists between their intention and impact.

Abrasive Leadership Coaching
Our process repairs damaged reputations, improves work relationships, creates better results, and reaffirms the company’s commitments to its values.

Leadership Transition Coaching
Through careful planning during the transition period, accompanied by one-on-one coaching, the new leader is set up for success, realizing the potential that was originally envisioned, and more.

Team Development

Organizational success depends on the effectiveness of its leadership, individually and collectively. Most leadership development has an individual focus and, while this is valuable, there is a performance lift that is only available when leaders learn how to work together as a team rather than a group of talented individuals.


Board Effectiveness

Drawing on current research and our hands-on experience, Black Tusk encourages corporate boards to set aside time to assess their current level of functioning, and identify ways in which their performance can be optimized. This includes conducting peer evaluations, CEO evaluations, and board effectiveness assessments, as well as facilitating sessions aimed at clearing misalignments, garnering consensus, and clarifying strategy.

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