Sometimes brilliant, capable leaders who deliver results for their company compromise their effectiveness with a lack of interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence. Under pressure, they negatively impact those around them by over-reacting, over-managing, or exhibiting impatience. We use the term “abrasive leadership” to describe this problem, as it tends to rub people the wrong way (or wear them down), even though that is often not the leader’s intention.

Black Tusk’s abrasive leadership coaching process supported by substantial research and a time-tested, practical approach, is often successful in turning around an abrasive leader.

Leaders and organizations who have worked with Black Tusk tell us that the coaching made a surprising and positive difference—for co-workers as well as the leader. Abrasive managers become much more aware of their impact and ways that they can better manage their emotional reactivity. Abrasive leadership coaching also increases organizational awareness about the need to provide feedback not just about what is achieved, but how results are achieved.  This awareness helps the organization hold themselves more accountable to provide a healthy and productive work environment that attracts and retains the brightest and the best.

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